Cold ColorsCold Colors makes electronic music somewhere between coldwave and new wave. Analog and minimal synths for cold & melancholic music.


Fred, born in the middle 70’s, has always been in love with music. The first records bought were only new wave music (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Soft Cell, etc..). Still listening to them today.

Mid 90’s, first guitar bought, thanks to Sonic Youth ! Meantime, Fred was a dj and played the firsts techno parties in his little town.

Late 90’s, Fred has been part of a emo/pop band. When the split came, he decided to make music on his own. At first with acoustic and electric guitars, but soon the first synth passed the door..

1996 -1997: Tape released – 4 tracks recording, folk guitar & voice, recorded by Julien Pras (Calc, Mars Red Sky)

1998-2001: First solo tracks under the name Agent Orange (two cd-r released, 4 tracks recording, auto production).

2002: Cold Colors is born !

2006: Creation of Plastic Machine, with Guillaume G. Same year,  first 6 tracks cd-r, sold out.

2007: Release of Plastic Machine – Elle s’imagine (Night Version) on VA ‎– Electronic Manifesto 2 (cd)

2009: Cold Colors – ‘L’amour sans toi’ appears on VA – Bordeaux Electro (cd)

2010: Cold Colors, Plastic Machine’s tracks released on F.I.R.’s VA Modernes et Eletroniques (vinyl 12″)

2012: Colors Colors & Xiu collaboration begins.

2013: Release of the Cold Colors & Xiu – Loneliness ep, some tapes releases, first dj set in Spain. PM is dead.

2014: First solo ep: a pretty nice 12″ on Lux Rec ! Also, first gig in Switzerland at Lux Rec’s party. A few days later, opened for Xeno & Oaklander in Toulouse (France).

2015: Some great gigs in France, Spain and Switzerland.

Release: The Horizon And Beyond – NN002 / 12″ vinyl and digital (Nocta Numerica Records, 2015)

2016: Cold Colors & Xiu – Loneliness ep released as a 12″ vinyl (Oraculo Records)

2017: Cold Colors appears on VA – Minimal Signals II (Oraculo Records). New solo EP, Leave The World Behind (12″, Oraculo Records)


Cold Colors appears on:
– VA – Bordeaux electro (cd, Bordeaux Rock, 2009)
– VA – Modernes et Electroniques (12″ vinyl, Falco Invernale Records, 2010)
– VA – Romance Moderne (12″ vinyl,Romance Moderne, 2013)
– VA – Until The Sun Grows Cold – Volume 3 (K7, Vocoder Tapes, 2013)
– VA – Minimal Signals II (12″ vinyl Ltd edition, Oraculo Records, 2017)

Solo and collabs:
– Cold Colors – Regrets Ep (only available on Bandcamp, Romance Moderne, 2012)
– Cold Colors & Xiu – Loneliness ep (Vocoder Tapes, 100 Ltd K7, 2013)
– Cold Colors – Early demos (only available on Bandcamp, 2013)
– Cold Colors – Dans le vide (12″ vinyl, Lux Rec, 2014)
– Cold Colors – After dark / Sinking ep (only available on Bandcamp, 2015)
– Cold Colors – The Horizon And Beyond (12″ vinyl, Nocta Numerica, 2015)
– Cold Colors & Xiu – Loneliness – OR08 (12″ vinyl Ltd edition, Oraculo Records, 2016)
– Cold Colors – Leave The World Behind – OR30 (12″ vinyl Ltd edition, Oraculo Records, 2017)

More info

Genre: new wave /coldwave / synthwave
Membres: Frédérick Barbe (also founder of Plastic Machine)
Originaire de Bordeaux/Biscarrosse
Maison de disques: Lux Rec / Nocta Numerica / Oraculo Records / F.I.R / Romance Moderne /
Influences: coldwave, new wave, italo disco, minimal wave, EBM… Melody Nelson.
Lieu actuel: Bordeaux/Aquitaine/France